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Membership to Phreaky Ones is meant to be exclusive. We are looking for those who are open minded in their approach to sexuality, race and other forms of kink! This includes bisexual men and women. It is meant to be a gathering of like minded people that want to have adult fun in a safe, friendly and sexually appetizing environment. This is not just a booty call destination. It is a destination for those that want to form friendships and or relationships with those into the same things. Below you will find information on how to apply for membership, but do understand that the requirements are both subjective and strenuous and is meant to be that way. Our community is not for everyone, but for those it is for we make the most of it! Membership is $19.99/month 

If you are not full swap/contact swingers, this is not the community for you.  All membership candidates must come to at least one regular party (can not be Red Light Special, Intimate Orgy or Aztec party) for further evaluation. If that evaluation is positive then you will be offered the chance to join. There are no exceptions to this and is meant to be sure you fully rise to the level of a Phreaky One. 

The benefits of Membership are:

  1. Reduced admissions to all of our  parties.
  2. Access to all other members of Phreaky Ones
  3. Access to our members only area where our pictures and video of events are posted.
  4. First to be invited to all events
  5. The opportunity to network and build a stronger community of alternative lifestylers... .


Applying for Membership  

If you think after reading our FAQ's page this is a community for you, then proceed to the next page to give us your info.

You must add a profile picture of yourself (or both of you for couples). The profile picture can not be nude or showing only body parts. We will not review any account for approval without the profile/account picture. If we find that any info that you provide (at any time) is false or not accurate we will revoke your membership immediately and without refund of fees. The application process does not work with cell phones. You will have to do it from a computer or tablet. You will start off with an interim membership, which means your access to the site is limited until you come to a party to be further evaluated.

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